Business With A Purpose #BWAP

Business – noun:

  1. An occupation, profession, or trade
  2. The purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit
  3. That with which someone is principally and seriously concerned

Everybody has an occupation. Lawyer. Fry cook. Mother.

Everybody has been part of a transaction, selling or buying something.

But Business With A Purpose transcends these first definitions and embodies the third, “That with which someone is principally and seriously concerned.” This sounds like a lot more than just work. Our business (you and I) is more than the work we do from 9:00am – 5:00pm (who works those hours anyways?)

 Business With A Purpose (#BWAP) seeks to bring all of life together, because we are all inherently interested in the business of life. #BWAP brings meaning and purpose to the place we spend most of our lives, the marketplace. But we know that we bring work home with us too. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the clear line of delineation between two worlds we were taught were separate. It is not about finding that line, but finding the purpose behind what you do.

#BWAP is a tagline to bring life and work together. Understanding market trends in your work directly impacts the quality of work you do, and the level of impact you make on your company’s vision. Which all indirectly impacts your community, family, and home life for better or worse.

The same can be said for understanding what is happening in your culture. Did you get in a fight with your spouse last night? Tell me that doesn’t impact your work! How does what you believe direct what you do for a living? Does it even matter? And let’s not even dive into how politics can shape the landscape of business, there is time for that later‚Ķ

All of this is to say business matters. Because business is more than just punching time clocks, filing reports and meeting quotas. Business is work. Business is life. Your business is whatever is of principal and serious concern to you. When put this way, Business With A Purpose is what we all seek.

It is our PURPOSE here to help you bring your life back to what matters most. To help you find the reason you get out of bed each morning. To help you take it to the next level at work. To make an impact in all you do and connect the dots between areas of your life you used to separate. To better your home life and connect deeper with your family. To help you find a better life.

This is Business With A Purpose. This is your story.



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