How, Not Why

This weekend we experienced our greatest mass shooting as a nation. This weekend 50 people were murdered and 53 more injured. Pray for Orlando…

Sunday morning. Waking up to news of another mass shooting. My heart sunk. I searched for reasons. I searched for why.

I am wired to think critically. Often removing the humanity from my deep inquiries. But it is in the reality of life that this line of thinking shows the worthlessness of the theoretical in the absence of flesh. Questions are real. But to rest in the moment of tragedy brings us to a more connected and tangible place. Where life, theory, and feelings all take a back seat to holding someone. The simple act of being with another. In this time it feels like there is no reason. Why? But “Why” is for another day. Today is for “How?”

How can we be there for those impacted in our community? How can we share love in times of pain? How can we unite against evil? How can we help heal?

It is a time for “How” because “How” demands action. “Why” demands an answer, mere words in a time necessitating action. Today as you go about your day, ask yourself, “How?” And through the answering of this “How?”, you will be used to make a difference in this world. Used in ways more powerful than you may ever know.

Business with a Purpose exists to help people realize the entirety of their life matters. Putting on a suit. Sitting in a cubicle. These things don’t somehow separate you from the rest of your life. Today people are going back to work for the first time since losing a loved one. It is our goal to help those people, and every person, realize they matter. Their life matters. What they are going through matters. Business can take a back seat today.

How can you be a light today? How can you reach across the aisle and share someone’s burdens? How can you support someone in need? Today find your “How?” and act boldly against that which seeks to tear us apart.


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