Why We VLOG (and why YOU should, too)!


At Slate and Main, it took us almost a year and a half to start creating our own video. We were nervous – we wanted them to be perfect! But then we realized that if we waited for perfection, they would NEVER get done! So we dove right in… and after the first few months, we’ve had some of our best billing months EVER.

But that isn’t interesting to you… getting YOUR best billing months should be, though. AKA: Developing YOUR video content strategy to help improve YOUR business. So, to help, here is what we’ve learned so far:

  1. Define Your Marketing/Business Goals
    What do you want your video or videos to do for you? Sit down and talk about it… just not for a year and a half.
  2. Understand Your Branding POV
    That’s “Point Of View” FYI (not explaining that one). The point, however, is to identify your story. What is it and why is it valuable to your customers experience? What is your brands “personality”, so to speak?
  3. Focus On Good Content
    People love stories so engage your customers with your story. And tell it. Well. And don’t worry about perfection, have some fun and let your guard down a little! You’re going to make mistakes and that’s ok. It’s human.

The key here is to keep posting content… consistently. Keep making it better, track your data (what’s working and what’s not) and don’t freak out too much over each of the results. Stay committed to your strategy even if it’s not always going perfectly.

About the Author

Jake LeVoir is the Director of Sales at Slate and Main. He has built a career on helping organizations grow by developing engaging video campaigns that drive consumer traffic and increase brand awareness.

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