Developing Identity and Your Core Purpose

This is my story of finding my purpose of “Developing Identity”

Personal Assessments. I love ’em! Here is some background info to lay the groundwork for my story…

StrengthsFinder Top 5 (What I Do):

  1. Activator
  2. Adaptability
  3. Context
  4. Ideation
  5. Maximizer

Myers-Briggs (Who I Am): ENTP

Kolbe Report (How I do Things): Specify, Adapt, Improvise, Imagine

Notice what these are missing. They are missing the “WHY?” I kept asking myself what the point of these assessments were, because they didn’t help me find my purpose in life. They didn’t give meaning to what I do. They provided great clarity that helped me describe myself, and that was certainly valuable. But this information without the engine that drives it proved fruitless.

Now, onto the meat of the story…

Pulling into the Caribou Coffee I often frequent with people who live/work in the south side of the metro I was early as usual for my meeting. I patiently waited in my car, for the Caribou was far too busy for me to be loitering (my friend had a meeting scheduled for the hour before ours). At 9:55AM I saw a familiar face walk out of Caribou, hop in his car and drive away. My friend appeared to have forgotten about me. I put on my detective hat, walked into Caribou and approached the man I saw in my rear-view mirror conversing with my friend just minutes before. I politely interrupted him as he gazed at his computer and asked where my friend had gone. He told me, “St. Paul for a 10:00AM meeting,” to which I countered, “I thought I was his 10:00AM. Oh well!” I then sat down because, well I had no where else to be. I thought I would try to make a new friend. I looked across the table and without anything close to an invitation asked, “Who are you? I just had an hour of time free up and would love to get to know you.”

Quick sidebar: If you ever want to throw a wrench in your day, randomly ask someone to tell you about themself and see where that story and relationship goes! 

Before I knew it I had learned a great deal about this new friend of mine. A man named Jeff Pelletier. He started a ministry focused on helping individuals and companies understand their Core Purpose…

I wanted to know what my purpose was…

He then began digging into my background, probing to learn more about me. Within a few minutes he made an observation, “Royce, you are one of the most self-aware millennials I have ever met,” (I think this was a compliment). My response was quick, “I have always loved to learn about myself because it helps me understand where I fit in this world and what makes me unique… I may also be slightly narcissistic… But I like to think it’s the former.” Jeff then asked me if I would like to find my Core Purpose.

YES, PLEASE! (see comment above)

In under an hour I had two words sitting in front of me. Hastily scribbled in my notebook. Underlined. *Starred*. Highlighted. –>Multiple arrows pointing at them from every direction<—. These two words were looking into my soul and it felt good. I had to take a minute to let these words soak in. They felt natural. Like something I knew, but had always evaded me. These words gave meaning to all the other assessments I had taken. They gave me the “Why?” They gave me the Purpose – Developing Identity.

To this day, more than a year later, I have an email in my Gmail inbox with a subject line reading, “developing identity” – resting in my inbox to remind me daily of my purpose.

I have found myself on a journey ever since. A journey no longer seeking to find my purpose; but to integrate my purpose into everything I do. Finding my purpose drew me to wanting to use it. To be purposeful in my life. To make an impact that only I can make. To be used in the way God created me to be used. I thought I was on a journey to understand my purpose, but the real journey is everything that flows out of knowing and living your purpose. I could go into multiple ways this has impacted my life, but this is Business With A Purpose #BWAP, how does it impact the work I do?

Developing identity has allowed me to bring clarity to the work I do in commercial real estate. To guide me towards the niche that best utilizes this purpose. I love developing relationships and identifying how I can be a resource to them or their business. I assist businesses as a corporate advisor, coming alongside to help bring clarity to how real estate will be used as part of their overall business strategy. I help them develop their real estate identity in terms of their business identity (and when needed I help them develop any missing gaps in their own identity before making a real estate decision).

My purpose has also lead me to the realization that helping companies and individuals develop their true identity is deeply rooted in my heart. No wonder I have always gravitated towards helping co-workers figure out what they are great at and assisting them in maximizing those skills. It is obvious now why I have always loved company vision meetings others groan about, because I was able to assist in developing the identity of the company.

My Core Purpose has not only given a deeper meaning to the work I do, but also given me clarity on the future of my career. I now know that as long as I am living out my Core Purpose, as long as I am Developing Identity, I will be doing Business With A Purpose. As Jeff Pelletier says, “When you find your Core Purpose and live it out; you will be doing great work with great faith.”

For more info on Core Purpose check out: God’s Work in Progress or email Jeff Pelletier.


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