Silent Auctions And Galas DON’T Work Anymore: The new model for Business/Nonprofit partnership

Can we be honest for a second and just say that silent auctions and galas just don’t work like they use to. Don’t get me wrong, they’re for a great cause but who wants to sit around and listen to people talk for a couple hours? And nonprofits, can we be honest for a second as well? How bad do you hate asking for money year after year, silent auction after silent auction and gala after gala? It gets to be little uneventful after a while, right? On top of that, the younger generations can’t afford a $200 plate of steak.

This is becoming a bigger problem for nonprofits. They are frantically looking for new ways to generate more volunteers and especially funds so that they can keep supporting their cause.

Born Passion created a new model for Business/Non-profit partnership that has a unique twist.

First off, whats Born Passion you may ask. Well Born Passion is a movement that fosters collaboration between the community, causes (nonprofits) and champions (corporations). By uniting these change-makers and utilizing our 1-3-1™ model, we create a unique approach to community involvement that maximizes the impact on worthy causes in the Twin Cities.

Born Passion’s 1-3-1™ Model

1 Twin Cities Non-profit

3 Months of Born Passion volunteer events where the community and the champions get to serve the partnering nonprofit in new and dynamic ways.

1 Grand Finale Fundraising Concert- 100% of Proceeds Donated to the Cause

Let’s first talk about the business side of the partnership. By being a Born Passion Champion, we help infuse a culture of generosity inside organizations by coordinating volunteer opportunities and fundraising concert events to support great causes in the Twin Cities. Born Passion also helps companies gain more exposure to their brand and be socially responsible in the community by leveraging marketing content that is generated at these different events. When partnering with Born Passion, these companies allow their employees the chance to give back and create a culture of generosity which in turn attracts and retains top talent within the workplace and community. Having a consistent Community Engagement Strategy insures a fruitful future for companies that are experiencing a changing workforce.

The Millennial generation is changing the workforce as we know it. 61% of Millennials consider a company’s engagement with the community when making a job decision (Gallup). Additionally, two thirds of them plan to leave their jobs by 2020 because they are not finding enough PURPOSE in their roles (Deloitte).

Companies are struggling to figure out how to deal with this changing workforce:

Attracting Top Talent – Shrinking talent pool in Minnesota and recruiting is highly competitive – 3.7% unemployment rate (MNGOV, 2016)

Engagement – 51.5% of Corporate workforce is disengaged, costing businesses Billions each year (Gallup, 2015)

Allowing your employees to give back in some way, shape or form isn’t all that bad for your company either! Dale Partridge states in his book, “People Over Profit,” 47% of consumers now say they buy from at least one brand that supports a good cause every month. Additionally, 72% of consumers say they would recommend a brand that supports a good cause. Also, companies that do have a strategy, find that their employees are 22% more productive and 21% more profitable because there is MEANING and PURPOSE driving engagement in their roles.

For Causes: Born Passion increases volunteerism and funding through event planning and marketing by following our 1-3-1™ model. Like I mentioned earlier there is a shift happening in the nonprofit world. Galas and silent auctions just don’t work like they use to and nonprofits are not taking advantage of attracting the next generation who will be the donors and leaders in the coming years. The younger generation can’t afford a $200 plate of steak but they do have time and they want to use that time to give back. Once these young individuals are in a position to give their financial support, they will look back to the nonprofits they served and created relationships with to determine where they will donate their money.

For The Community: Born Passion connects those interested in volunteering to a variety of different causes each year where they can volunteer/support the most credible causes in the Twin Cities.

I’d like to conclude by saying there is an obvious shift in both the nonprofit and business world. If you are either a nonprofit or a for profit company, look at this as an opportunity to be different then everyone else.

Thanks for reading!

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